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Covid-19 Update


New Measurements Equipment To Keep You Safe:

  1. Chairside aerosol evacuator: Helps to protect you for airborne contaminants 

  2. Medify Medical Grade Air purifier:

    • This medical-grade filter easily catches pollen, dust mites, and other tiny airborne particles you can’t see. The high-efficiency H13 TRUE HEPA filter is tested to remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.1microns.


  3. Professional Decontaminating System (Fogger) including a natural sanitizing

    • Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach. Disinfection of surfaces using a fogger is essential to stop the spread of these infections.


  4. Additional Personal Protective Equipment

    • Our clinical staff will now be equipped with N95/KN95 masks, isolation gowns, and face shields for added protection.

    • Our Check-in/Check-out areas have clear barrier shields for safe interaction between our patients and front desk staff


Protocol Updates
10 Tips On Keeping You Safe

  1. Pre Screening Measures: Prior to your appointment, you will be asked a series of simple questions to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo dental treatment

  2. Office Arrival: In order to limit patient interaction, please call our office when you arrive and wait in your car. Our front desk staff will then direct you when to enter the office

  3. Entering the Office: We kindly ask you to enter with a mask. When you enter, we will have your temperature measured. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the office

  4. Reception Area: In effort to maintain social distancing, we are allowing only patients into the office. If the patient is a minor, one guardian may enter and stay in the waiting room until the appointment is over.

  5. Dental Appointment: You may be asked to swish with 1% hydrogen peroxide rinse prior to the dental appointment.

  6. Exiting the Office: Clear Barriers have been installed in our front desk to ensure safe interaction between our patients and staff. Hand sanitizer will also be available upon exiting the office

  7. Extended Appointment Times: Please allow us more time for enhanced disinfection between patients

  8. Office Temperature: You may notice the office will be colder than normal. This is because our clinical staff has extra layers of equipment. Please make sure you dress accordingly

  9. Enhanced Equipment: We have updated our equipment, including but not limited to chairside aerosol evacator, medical grade air filters, a decominating system (fogger) to ensure safety for both patients and staff

  10. Personal Protective Equipment: While we may look like astronauts, we have additional equipment including N95/KN95 masks, isolations gowns, and face shields to keep you safe

While many things have changed, one thing that has remained is our commitment to your overall dental health and safety. We thank you for your understanding and patience during these unprecedented times!!

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